Plans for 2019:

– “Cadere et Resurgere” EP, celebrating 10 years of fights and conquests
– “Legions of Hell
– World Warfare” digial compilation, released by Evil Prod
– “Warcry” 4-way split CD with Nihil, Ishkur and Azrael Occult
– Split CD with Ressurect
– Re-releasing 100 copies of “Daemoniacus”, our full length album
– Scheduling a national and international tour to promote the new releases (get in touch if you’re interested in booking us)
– Composing the follow-up album, with the new formation in full-strength


Day 4 and 5 studio REC. Morbid Angel – Rapture (cover) & Mayhem – Pagan Fears (cover) Only Mayhem´s cover will be in the EP “Cadere et Resurgere”
Grímur Hrukjan recording Guitars. 

Day 5 Studio REC.

Day 4 and 5 studio REC. Morbid Angel – Rapture (cover) & Mayhem – Pagan Fears (cover)

Publicado por Sonneillon BM em Segunda-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2018

Tales from 2017

Sonneillon BM once again are in studio recording the new track “Sentimentos de uma Guerra” for new 4 WAY Split “WAR CRY” released by Evil Prod and supported by ULHR. Official distribution in North America by Underground Longhorns. Check out the cover art make by Brunilda.
Soon more news. Hail!

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  • Hail maniacs!
    Sonneillon BM is in deep reflection as a band. At the moment SBM is working on the new album, searching for inspiration in the confines of this untenantable earth.
    We will keep our compromises such as announced the concerts in the end of the present year.
    Meantime the debut album and video will finally be released branding the end of an Era.
    Other programed releases will be launched in present year.
    Follow the updates such as the newest warriors for the next battles of this great unholy war.
    Old members who honored the band′s flag in the past can return to represent Sonneillon BM as Ishkur is back again.
    Actual members can always remain, only time dictates it!
    Ave! Long lives Sonneillon BM. Spread the word!
    Stone by stone I build my castle.
    To be continued…

    Former Members | Sonneillon BM – Early Times
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Reportagem aqui:

No último fim de semana, Artnis, Sonneillon BM, Morte Incandescente (official) e Sardonic Witchery juntaram-se no CAVE 45. […]

Lusitanian Black Metal Ritual @ Cave 45, Porto (POR)

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Released 2 August , 2016 NEW CD Single “Made in Norway” OUT NOW Track: ÚNICO CAMINHO/ ONLY PATH!

Sonneillon BM is proud to return to being part the CD compilation with some of the main underground bands of the metal scene. Our contribution will be with the new theme “Satan´s Fields” for this selection / collectanea “Legions of Hell” – world warfare. Soon the bands present in this new edition will be announced. Released by Anaites Records in 2018.
Listen Now and check out the Studio Report

Hail. Our masterpiece “Daemoniacus” debut álbum was produced. Coming out 2017 via Evil Prod. The current logo for debut álbum will have some changes, we will wear a logo created and reDesigned by Christophe Szpajdel (The Lord of Logos) Artwork by Luis Venuza and (back cover) by Emerson Maia.
track list the álbum:
1-Intro of death
2-Feeding the corpse (reissue) from the EP “Diabolic War”
4-Black death 1348
5-We are the master
6-May god not bless you
7-Under unknown cursed wings
8-Povo lusitano
9-Glorium satan
10-Sounds of fog
11-Honor et Valor (Bonus track)
12-Medieval issues (Bonus track)
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Artwork by Luis Venuza

Artwork (back cover) by Emerson Maia