Satanism, War and Prosperity
While the meat will not rot i go continue with insanity the art of black metal music.
Every human has just finish alone on this planet, where he commands the power of nature.
I will never rely in the desire of other. See you in the purgatory.
We will have our milestone in the history.

Sonneillon, the Demon of Hate, fourth in the order of Thrones.


Sonneillon Blackmetal is a northern Portuguese band of extreme metal from Porto.
The founding member is Bellerophon, who, has always honored his name by carrying the band ensign and leading its own satanic and dark path.
Bellerophon is largely the main composer, both music and lyrics, and instrumental is supported by Apollyon and “Ishkur (one of the original members and creator of the band logo)
is back to take part of the battles on stage”; in studio lab, and has, in 2018 Grímur Hrukjan remain as an effective member and welcomes Mystic Cosmos (Epping Forest, ex- Corpus Christii live) for the battle cry ritual.
Sonneillon Black Metal is an all fully crushing armed Panzer, aimed to bring chaos and pure fucking war to you.
Prepare for devastation! Destructive black metal plague.
Proudly draws its own path never dealing with others issues. Bellerophon composes only about deep intimate black nature themes.
Believes human interactions are not trustworthy. Anti-Humanity!

Sonneillon BM started playing in 2008, and was founded in this year by Bellerophon, after his former band Ater split up.
Initially, the main idea was to reform Ater and start all over again, but then he decided to create a new project from scratch, who is currently gaining lots of new inspiration to make new blasphemies.
The first official EP and demo tape was released in 2008/09. Called “Diabolic War”, and the Portuguese Cult was created.
At that time, and still without a band name, Bellerophon started recruiting members so he could get the band started.

Sonneillon BM′s intention was to create their own style of furious form of Black Metal, and continue throughout the time of the band′s existence.
The line-up has had some changes since its inception, but Bellerophon has always been part of the band, and has also been the main composer of the music, throughout time.
This has led to their distinctive and original maniac sound.

The band started when Bellerophon decided to have his own project after participating in several bands in the metal scene;
he wanted to create a project from scratch with its own style, a furious form of black metal with death metal influences, darkened and fast.
Lyrically addresses themes such as Satanism, war and nature. It started in 2008 and recruited members to bring the war to you and also spread the word of Satan.

The warriors earned their place to follow Sonneillon BM′s creative process and in the live performances!
Now has a complete and infernal line up to remain, and to make new battles, a Pure Black Metal with lines of Death Metal are waiting to take you to the deepest catacombs of hell!

To be continued…!

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