┼(drums, vocals, guitar and lyrics)
Songwriter & Founder Member of Sonneillon BM in April 2008

2008 Diabolic War (EP)
2010 Lusitania Dark Horde II (Compilation)
2011 Consumed by the Flames (Video)
2014 Underworld Dominion (Split)
2015 Wolves (Single) Drums
2015 Eradication of the Human Plague (Split)
2015 Ultraje Vol.2 (Compilation)
2016 Wishlist Beyond Heritage (EP)
2016 Made in Norway (Single)
2017 Early Times (Video)
2017 Daemoniacus – Daemonum Interitum et Agone Deos (Full-length)
2020 Cadere et Resurgere (EP)

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